Great Clips Corporate Office
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Great Clips Corporate Office
4400 West 78th Street, Suite 700
Minneapolis, MN  55435
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Great Clips History - Established in 1982, Great Clips perfected a system for delivering competitively priced, high-quality haircuts to men, women and children with no appointments. When Great Clips opened the first salons back in 1982 there were just a few dreamers, but with hard work, solid business practices and the right people, they truly revolutionized the haircare industry. In 1983, Ray called his friends, Roger and Marylu Ledebuhr, every night for well over a month, hounding them to open the first Great Clips franchise in Brooklyn Center, Minn. Partially in an effort to stop Ray from calling and to get some peace and quiet, the Ledebuhrs and their partner Mary Lou Barton agreed to open the first Great Clips franchise—that first franchised location opened on July 16, 1983.

Ray Barton, one of the early Great Clips leaders and now Chairman, recalls, “In 1988, I set a goal to reach 3,000 salons and everyone thought I was crazy. I was naive enough to believe we could do it, and we did! “We were customer-focused; we had a great system, a focused development strategy and a strong relationship with our franchisees (salon owners),” notes Barton. Over the past three decades, Great Clips has continued to apply this same steady approach that made them the world's largest salon brand.

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Walk right in to a career at Great Clips- Our environment is positive and team-oriented. Since Great Clips’ reputation brings in a lot of customers there’s no competition for clients. You can focus on being creative, giving people the unique cuts and styles they want. Great Clips salons are independent businesses. That brings even more of a family atmosphere, and a lot of opportunity. You can start climbing the ladder or simply be awesome at cutting hair. So feel free to bring all of your career

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